Vendor Spotlight: Vintage Florals

Melissa Broadwell with Vintage Florals is one of our favorite people in the industry. Her background is a lot like ours, Christian mother who still has a passion outside of the home. We are honored to share a little bit about her and her company. Enjoy!


How many years have you worked in the weddings/event industry?

“I always go by the age of my oldest daughter plus a year (or two?) about 9 years!  How’s that for math?  I was introduced to the flower world by working at Import Flowers, a flower wholesaler, here in Nashville.  I learned a lot, and eventually played around with flowers enough that I landed my first wedding job for a friend, who I told I would do her flowers at cost if I could just give it a shot!  It has just snowballed from there!”


What is your favorite kind of event? Favorite style?

“My favorite kind of event, honestly, is a baby or bridal shower.  I love a small event where I’m usually given a bit more freedom to do something fun and creative.  My favorite flower style would be a soft, earthy palette of garden flowers and greens in a lush, loose arrangement.  Favorite event style would be a rustic, elegant space with lots of light and flowers of course!


What is something unique you would like us to know about your company?

“I hope that what people find in my company is a genuine effort to connect and explore ways to make their event beautiful through the expression of flowers.  My desire is that when a client sees an arrangement made specifically for them, that it will mean something-whether it expresses love in a wedding, sadness and hope in loss, or a celebration of life and success.”


One thing you would like people to know about you?

“Ironically, the fact that my skin cannot touch certain flowers!  Itchy!  So, if you see me arranging with purple (latex-free) surgical gloves on, you’ll know why!  :)”


What is your favorite song?

“A song that always speaks to me is one by Brooke Frasier called ‘Shadowfeet’.”


What is your favorite food?

“Last week it was slaw-so weird.  I think I ate the entire head of cabbage over the week!  But mostly, I could eat pizza every day.  Lots of mushrooms, italian sausage and peppers!”

This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events. 


Vendor Spotlight: Creative Crumbs

Michelle and I have had the opportunity to work with Abby at Creative Crumbs a couple of times, and have nothing but amazing things to say about her and her work. Her cakes are detailed and delicious! I am actually craving some of her Strawberry cake as I type. We are looking forward to working with her in 2013, and wanted you to get to know her a bit more.

How many years have you worked in the Wedding/Event/Baking Industry? 

“A little over 7 years….I worked in catering for a couple of years before I stumbled into the wonderful world of wedding cake decorating and I’ve loved every minute of it!  Starting my own business has been an incredible journey.  Its exciting to see how much things have grown and I’m looking forward to creating wedding cakes for many more years to come!”

Gray and Yellow Cake


What is your favorite style of cake? 

“I prefer a simple romantic cake with clusters of handmade sugar flowers, but one of the cool things about doing weddings is getting to create cakes in a variety of styles, from vintage to contemporary, simple to elaborate.”

 Magnolia Wedding Cake

What is special about your company?

“All of my cakes and buttercreams are made completely from scratch.  I crafted all my recipes and you can tell the difference.  I am often asked why my cakes taste so good and I tell people its because of all the TLC (tender love and care) I add!”

Baby Shower Cupcakes


Something you would like people to know about you or your company? 

“Each and every cake is custom designed.  Brides don’t have to pick from a design catalog or choose a template.  Meeting brides for a design consultation and cake tasting is one of my favorite parts of the job.  I love that moment when she looks at my cake sketch, smiles, and says ‘Its perfect! That’s just what I wanted!'”

Coke bottle cake 

What is your favorite song?

“I can’t pick just one.  I love to rock out while I’m in the kitchen, so you will always find me listening to music.  I usually start the day with some Keith Urban and end it with a little Ingrid Michaelson or Jason Mraz.”

 Rubik's Cube Cake-1

What is your favorite food?

“There’s a pizza from a local restaurant that features house cured ham, grana padana cheese, and chili oil.  The secret though is to get them to add a fried egg on top.  Its not on the menu, but its amazing!”

A special thank you to Abby for taking the time to talk with us. If you are interested in having a taste testing with her we would love to put you in touch.

This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events.


Stepping Out With Beautiful Feet

Last August I spent two weeks with one of my best friends, Melissa Irwin, Founder and Executive Director of Beautiful Feet Global Outreach. I get chill bumps when I think about how God wove our lives together as we both share a passion for the orphans of the world. I love being on the board of BFGO and being a part of such an amazing orphan care ministry.

Michelle and Jeffry dancing

While in Zimbabwe I fell in love and it took my breath away! I was not prepared for who I was to encounter. The contagious joy amidst such heartache is overwhelming.

Tiwanda on Melissa's back


Zim 003

                            (Photos from Africa provided by Melissa Irwin, photographer)

These kids’ faces are magnetic! I think everyone would want to know, love, help, protect and pray for them. The Board members all agree. So, we thought we would share their stories, share their faces in the form of a party….A Fundraiser, “Steppin’ Out With Beautiful Feet”.

Sambuca in the Gulch generously donated their space AND food for the great cause!

beautiful-feet-night-lr-01 beautiful-feet-night-hr-58 beautiful-feet-night-hr-05

Ian Riley donated his time and these amazing photos. Thanks, Ian!!

Musicians gathered to make the atmosphere rock. Marcia Ramirez gathered her musician friends Britt Savage, Kim Parent, Brice Long, Lee Miller and Jon Vezner. What a talented and generous crew!




Creative Crumbs donated our delicious cake and Bumble Bee Chocolates donated the Fudge. Thanks Abby and Natasha!!


I am so glad we stepped out in faith! The evening was fantastic and the finale was the best!

Melissa sang the new BFGO theme song “Legacy of Love” that she co wrote with another board member Marcia Ramirez.


Board Members:Marcia Ramirez, Sharon Jacob, Michelle Soll, Melissa Irwin, Elaine Smith, Julie Harrell


Thanks to all who came, all who donated, all who helped set up, all who support BFGO in prayers and financial support.

If you would like more information on Beautiful Feet Global Outreach you can go to their website at

find out how you can sponsor a child or sponsor my trip to Zimbabwe in April!


`Michelle of Burlap and Brooches Events

True Love

true love

I know I said I would write a blog a week about 2013 trends, but with the recent tragedy I decided to change our blogs for the next couple posts. I do not wish for any more media focus on this subject as I believe it has already been over done by social media and newscasters. I write this blog post with a very heavy heart, and I believe that people should express  their emotions rather than bottle them up, but there is a time and a place for that. I say all this out of respect for the families, and not to dishearten the situation. Our prayers go out to the families.

I will be honest, at this present moment I do not want to write about wedding colors or the trendiest venues, because at the end of the day none of that really matters. It is fun, and that is why we do it and enjoy every minute of it, but sometimes we lose the true meaning of weddings. We miss the true meaning of life. I, above anyone else, am guilty of getting caught up in today’s tangibles and the hustle and bustle, and sometimes forget to stop and see what is really around me. What is really important.

Let me encourage you to not get so wrapped up in the details that you miss the true meaning of your wedding day. You are starting a bond with your other half, the person that was put on this earth to be with you. This person will be with you through good times and bad, sickness and health, for richer and for poorer. Think of all the joys you will share with this person over a lifetime! Also, think about all the struggles (you will have them, I promise.) They should be your rock. They should be built on the same values you are. They should be your true love. If they are, you will make it through anything. If you start to feel stressed by all the decisions that come with planning a wedding remember, “At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter.” Breathe, and enjoy this day that you have been blessed with.

We will circle back to our trends, but will post a couple ‘near and dear’ posts. Take this as a opportunity to get to know us a little better personally. We love what we do and love weddings, but we are human at heart.

This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events. 

Is this Chalk for School or my Wedding?

Let me just start by saying I am very biased when it comes to this wedding trend. It may not be the hottest wedding trend for 2013, but when I saw that it may be it definitely become a topic of blog discussion in my book! PicMonkey Collage4I would have never guessed back in 2nd grade when the teacher was writing on the chalkboard that 20 (or so) years later I would be in love with the same idea for weddings. But it’s such a unique, adorable, fun, and affordable idea! Here are just a couple ideas on how to incorporate chalk and chalkboards into your wedding day.

Stories, Menus, and Seating

PicMonkey Collage5The most popular ones that I have seen is using a chalkboard for seating charts and menus, but adding a little personalized touch of your love story is a way to familiarize your guest with you and your groom’s history. You can buy a quart of chalkboard paint at Lowes for around $15, paint a board, have some fun with chalk, and you are done! I speak from experience too, a little goes a long way.

Labels and Centerpieces 

PicMonkey Collage3

A nice thoughtful touch at weddings are labels and directing guest. Whether it is what they are eating, where the gifts and cards go, or what table number they are standing infront of. They will appreciate it. And get creative with it, like the dessert bar pictured above. You are not restricted to tiny labels. Or just give me a call, and I would love to chat with you about  creative chalk ideas!

My Favorite


I saw this idea, and immediately fell in love! This would be a perfect idea for an outdoor wedding; just create your own aisle. Absolutely fabulous!

If you are worried that the chalkboard look isn’t elegant enough for your taste, but would still like to incorporate it, add some florals or lace and you should be good to go! Whether this is  your cup of tea or not, I am sure we will be seeing a lot of this in the next year. School is out and weddings are in!

Visit our 2013 Wedding Trend Pinterest board for more chalkboard wedding ideas. Also, what are your chalkboard wedding ideas? We’d love to hear them!

This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events

2013’s Hottest Colors

With 2013 right around the corner (can  you believe it!), I wanted to share some of 2013’s projected hottest trends over the next couple weeks. I did some research on the up and coming colors of 2013, and wanted to share some of our favorites with you. Enjoy!

Teal and Yellow 

PicMonkey Collage

Red and Orange 

PicMonkey Collage3

Black and Green 

PicMonkey Collage4

And lastly, I found the most popular color to be…..

Mint and Ivory

PicMonkey Collage5

Are you planning a wedding with some of these colors? We would love to see your inspirations!

Check out our inspiration boards for these trendy colors in 2013 on Pinterest.

This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events

“Tis the Season to get Engaged”

That’s right folks, wedding season is coming to an end, and engagement season is about to be in full swing! Between Thanksgiving and Valentines  you can expect to see those social media updates to say, “I’m engaged!” It is such a happy time of year already, but add knowing someone getting engaged and times couldn’t be better. It really is a brilliant idea, proposing during the holidays when family and friends are around. We thought it would be fun to show a couple projected wedding statistics for 2013.

Average cost for an entire wedding: 


Break down of some prices: 

  • Engagement Ring: $4000
  • Wedding dress: $1500
  • Full Service Wedding Consultant: $4000
  • Photographer: $2500
  • Venue Rental Fee: $3000

Most expensive place to get married:


Lease expensive place to get married: 


Number of Guest: 


Top trends: 

  • Patterns will be hot along with lace, lace, lace.
  • Virtual Guest
  • Extending Wedding Receptions
  • DIY Attire
  • Food Truck Frenzy

Most popular month to get married: 

I found this fabulous blog that detail why you should use certain months according to the Nashville weather, which we all know is wonderful…..

If you happen to be one of the lucky girls that gets popped the questions this holiday season make sure you let us know! We can’t wait to hear your engagement story!

This blog was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events.

Wedding Recap: Julie and Spencer

Julie and Spencer were such a delight to work with. Their ceremony was held at Edgehill Baptist Church on an October day. Afterwards, family and friends celebrated with the couple at Rumors East. Julie and Spencer had many international friends travel to the states for their wedding, and wanted to celebrate even more with an after party at Events @ 1418. It was such a perfect day, despite the chilly weather change last minute, you got to love Tennessee weather! We had the pleasure of working with some fabulous vendors which included Great Finch Floral who provided beautiful florals, Bake Shoppe for a scrumptious cake, and Ian Riley for capturing memories that will last a lifetime for Julie and Spencer. Here is a peak; hope you enjoy!

Thanks, Julie and Spencer, for letting Burlap and Brooches Events be part of your special day. Wishing you many years of happiness!

This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events.

Thanksgiving…. Christmas…Wedding Planning….I’m Stressed!!

Before you read our next blog stop by this link for a chance to win a $25 Etsy gift card from Burlap and Brooches Events. We have 2 more to give away this month! Christmas is right around the corner, this could make or buy a great gift for someone! 

Ok, Ok… Your “to do” list is out of control! Thanksgiving is next week and that means Christmas is right around the corner. How are you going to get through the holidays with a wedding to plan in only a few short months? We can feel the anxiety from couples around this time for a couple different reason. We have thrown together a list of helpful tips that will get you through this hectic time:

Tie loose ends and take a holiday break: Yes, you may have a couple more things that have to be done right now. Hurry up and knock those couple of things out and enjoy your holiday’s as an engaged couple. You want to show off that ring and have that bridal glow.. there is no need to look stressed! Go ahead a sit down and make a list of things that have to get done in the next month. I bet you will be surprised what can wait till after the holidays.

Don’t overdo it and make it up with some exercise: Everyone knows it is easy to splurge during the holidays, and you can’t rid your life of all the holiday treats. But make sure you spend a little extra time working off those extra calories. You don’t want to think back to that extra piece of pumpkin pie on your wedding day and be wishing you hadn’t indulged. Maybe just add a little power walking while you are doing your Christmas shopping, and make a couple extra laps around the mall (be sure to wear your “I’m the bride” shirt and people will understand.)

Don’t spend too much money on the holidays: People understand, this is your time. Prepare the family by drawing names for a gift exchange or making DIY gifts. It is more important to family and friends that you relax and spend quality time with them, not what is wrapped under all that paper. They also will not be complaining when they are enjoying a wonderful meal and having a blast at your wedding reception, consider that their Christmas gift.

No fighting: Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time. Add the stress of the holidays to it, and you have gone mad! Make sure you take a couple deep breathes and enjoy this time with your fiance. Take a nice date night driving around looking at Christmas lights and watching holiday movies. This could be your first year of traditions, so make sure you make good memories and not argumentative ones.

Hiring a wedding planner: Not only is hiring a wedding planner a amazing idea for any time of year, it is especially important if your wedding is right around the corner from the holidays. I promise, it will be worth the investment to just hand over those details and just enjoy this happy time with your fiance, family, and friends. Planners have got you covered!

Happy Planning and Happy Holidays!

This blog was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events

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The Historic Bridge Building: Nashville’s Newest Venue

We are in LOVE with Nashville’s newest venue, The Historic Bridge Building. Built in 1908, the 6 story 5,000 sf office building was used for Nashville Bridge Company, and would eventually become a buildings built for NABRICO, know for their construction of barges. Once the stadium was built in the 90’s many of this construction buildings were demolished. The Historic Bridge Building survived the birth of the Titan’s, and is currently going through renovations to be hospitable for Nashville events.

This waterfront venue is located right downtown with the best rooftop view in Nashville, and quite frankly one of the best views inside as well. Their main banquet room contains windows on three walls to highlight Nashville’s features morning, noon, and night. The venue is right next door to the park pavilion if a outdoor wedding perks your fancy. You can also enjoy a cocktail hour on the pedestrian bridge, which is accessible from the building. They have an 800 spot, parking lot that is included with the venue. All of that on top of your historic feel with a modern twist! Now do you see why we love it? And this is just the beginning of the perks included!

Michelle and I had the opportunity to visit The Bridge Building, and were pretty much speechless. I think our favorite part of the venue was the roof top, gorgeous backdrop for a ceremony or a night reception. The venue is still currently under construction,  but their first wedding is December 1st and they have managed to have a couple events already, so completion is right around the corner. They are booking up extremely fast for 2013, and we believe that this will be the “go to” venue when a bride says “yes.” We would love another opportunity to go back to this venue so if you are interested in looking at it, please let us know!

Burlap and Brooches Events loves when new venues emerge in Nashville, not because it means more chances to be creative and do work in an area we love, though those things are great perks, but we love meeting and working with new people. The people that we have met at Bridge Building are a delight to work with, and are super elated about their venue – as they should be! We are looking forward to seeing this venture grow and all the events it brings to the downtown area. Maybe this is the perfect venue for you? Check it out, won’t you?

Happy Planning!

This blog Post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events. 

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Tell us what you love about weddings and win a $25 gift card!

A wedding is that special day that most every girl and, believe it or not, some guys dream of their entire lives. They are such a sweet day for not only the bride and groom, but for the guest. When I leave a wedding I am so nostalgic about my wedding day that it makes me fall in love with my husband all over again. 

Burlap and Brooches Events wanted to take a moment, or a month, to tell you thank you for allowing us to be a part of so many bride and grooms special day! It takes us to those special moments and memories every time we plan. As a thank you we are giving away four $25 Etsy gift cards over the month of November. Here’s how you can win: click here to tell us what your favorite part about weddings are. Then, visit our Facebook page and like us. Super easy! Winners will be contacted via email, and will be drawn every Friday in November. 

I couldn’t leave you without telling you our favorite part of weddings!

I love it on the wedding day when the bride says yes! This is what I wanted! This is what I have been dreaming about! It makes my own sleepless nights and scavenger hunts, looking for the perfect details, worth it. I love the look of a relaxed bride and groom with their family and friends because they know I have their back. 😉


  I absolutely love seeing the grooms face as he sees his bride for the first time. There is such a look of vulnerability, and then a look of manliness. As if to say, he must stay strong in that moment and  for the rest of his life for that woman! It seems like each groom gives the same look no matter what personality they have. It gives me goose bumps! 


Good Luck and Happy Planning!

This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events 

What is your dream honeymoon?

The three questions you get asked most when you are planning to get married – When’s the wedding? Where’s the wedding? And, where are you going on your honeymoon? I will have to say, and this is totally my opinion, the honeymoon is just as important as the wedding! You will make just as many memories, if not more, on your honeymoon as you will on your wedding day. You don’t necessarily have to go somewhere exotic or expensive, just make sure you make the most of every adventure during. I did some research on the top 3 places to honeymoon. Maybe one of them will be the perfect fit for you and your groom!


Hawaii is the number one honeymoon destination in the USA. The air is full of the fragrance of tropical flowers, the water is a turquoise blue, beaches are immaculate and uncrowded,  and it is exactly the serenity you need on your honeymoon. Hawaiian macadamia nuts, fresh fish, and kettle-cooked potato chips will just get your taste buds warmed up. Honeymoon or not, who wouldn’t grin when they are greeted with a leis and  hear the words, “Aloha!”


Few places stir up romance as quickly as Italy. Whether you choose Rome, Florence or Venice you are guaranteed to leave with a mix of memories. Memories created by gondola rides, medieval hill town strolls, Italian cuisine, daily gelato, and cappuccino kisses. Dean Martin said it best, “That’s Amore!”


What a magical tropical destination! Nowhere in the world are the colors more vibrant, the waters warmer, or the people friendlier. Let me just explain how couples are greeted while they are on their honeymoon – with a glass of pineapple juice, a gardenia garland, and a cool towel while sitting down, not standing in line. To top it off, tipping, while appreciated,  is never required. Hospitality at it’s finest!!

Wherever you choose, remember that this is a time to make memories and grow together as a married couple. You are embarking on your first adventure together as husband and wife, so grab your “Just Married” t-shirts and enjoy some R-and-R.

I wanted to leave you with some photos from a couple honeymoon whose wedding we planned a couple weeks ago. They went to Dubai to do some exploring, to say the least!

What is your dream honeymoon?

This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches.

Southern Events Rental Company

You need stemless martini glass, burlap runners, mason jars, vintage suitcases, cake stand, and the list goes on and on and on! Southern Events Party Rental Company is your one stop shop. Their shabby sheek office located near Franklin, TN will leave you dreaming of your special day, no matter what your style is. One of my particular favorites from Southern Events is their endless possibilities with vintage accessories. Vintage weddings are becoming the popular theme for any season. So don’t spend anymore time at those thrift stores, though sometimes it can be a blast, instead rent those items you need from Southern Events.

Burlap and Brooches Events has had the opportunity to work with Southern Events numerous times, and appreciates their timely and flawless service. And, of course, if you know you will need these type of items but aren’t quite sure how many or what type, contact us. We would love to brainstorm with you and would be more than willing to contact Southern Events Rental Company for you!

Happy Planning!

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This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events.

Personality vs. Venue: How to find the perfect venue to fit your style

You’re engaged, you’re excited, you have a billion inspiration boards on Pinterest – now how do you pick a venue? First off, don’t stress! Picking a venue is one of the first decisions you will make as a new bride. After that, I promise things will fall into place. You have so many options with picking a venue: elegant or rustic, small or large, hotel where everything is included, or a clean slate venue where everything is “a la carte.” It can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a couple points to think about when choosing that perfect venue to fit your style and personality.

How many venues will you need?

No, you do not need two venues for your reception, but you do need to decide if you would like your ceremony and reception at the same venue or at separate locations. Some people prefer a church wedding with an elegant hotel reception; while others like one venue so guest do not have to travel. This is important to think about as some venues don’t have room for a seated reception or a separate intimate place for a ceremony. Many brides are finding that “flipping” the space, meaning you use the same space for both ceremony and reception, is very cost effective. Some venues do charge an extra fee for this, so be sure to check into that before you get your heart set.


How many guests will you have?

On average, only 75% of the people invited to your wedding will show, and of those people 30% will bring a date. Take this into account when you pick a venue. You don’t want 300 people squeezed in a venue that only fits 250. You also don’t want an over sized venue where your guest feel lost in the space. Sit down with your groom and families to make a guest list; I guarantee you will be surprised at how quick the numbers add up.

What is most important to you?

Food, flowers, dress, venue, or perhaps all four! If you enjoy food, splurge on a delicious menu, but if convenience and style is important to you then splurge on a venue! The perfect venue may be a couple thousand more, but if it is in the ideal area and is everything you ever dreamed of- do it! Cut cost in other areas. After all, this is your wedding day, and you will reminisce over this location for years to come.

What’s your style?

Backyard wedding with burlap and mason jars, brick and rustic venue with white draping and lights, or your classic ballroom with tall centerpieces: whatever you style may be make sure you find that venue that reflects you as a couple. Don’t worry about your guest’s style or that your parents think you need something more traditional. This is where a wedding planner can come in handy. Meet with one and tell them exactly what you are visioning. They will help find that perfect venue in your area and, as a bonus, help your family realize that you really do have a great taste!

 Lastly, trust your instinct!

Ever heard the saying, “I knew it was ‘the dress’ as soon as I tried it on?” Well, that isn’t true for everyone, but the venue can be the same way! You may know as soon as you walk into the venue if it is meant to be. Or then again, you may not. Either way you will have some sort of instinct, and you should follow it.

Don’t let your emotions or stress of planning get in the way of enjoying the process of planning your special day. If you start to feel overwhelmed call in reinforcements with a wedding planner. At least make an appointment with one to see what they have to offer. Wedding Planners know their local venues like the back of their hand, and they want to help you find your style in a venue.

Happy Planning!

This blog was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events

Have You Ridden The Carousel Recently?

The Carousel House is set in a historic neighborhood with vintage streetlights and a beautiful gazebo in the backyard.

Carousel House Gazebo

I was given the grand tour of the beautiful restored home by Cynthia Burkeen, manager and owner with her husband. They purchased the house in 2007 and have done a complete renovation. Now that everything from crystal chandeliers, great crown molding and beautiful landscaping has been completed they are ready for all kinds of events. The attention to detail, noticed in the paint colors, architecture and décor, will be carried out into every event at the Carousel House.

Carousel House Details

The Carousel House Events are made easy. They are all inclusive with an on staff designer, and relationships with reputable professionals in the industry, tables, chairs, linens, candles and props. They do weddings, elopements, encore weddings, rehearsal dinners,  tea parties, vow renewals, Christmas dinners, corporate fundraisers, team building luncheons and so much more!

Bride with Rolls at Carousel House

Cynthia wants to help make your event happen, “Whatever your vision may be, The Carousel House can provide the perfect setting….. Whether it be classic Victorian with handmade lace & teacups or barnyard rustic with mason jars & hay bales, we can bring your wedding day vision to reality.  We would love the opportunity to create a personalized wedding package just for you!!”

For more information contact The Carousel House

All photos provided by Ace Photography

Written by Michelle Soll of Burlap and Brooches Events

PWG Speakeasy Fun!

This past Wednesday evening was spent at the fabulous, Sambuca! Perfect Wedding Guide threw another great social to highlight certain vendors, and I must say, Nashville has some pretty fantastic wedding vendors! Burlap and Brooches Events had the honor of coordinating this 1920 Speakeasy Costume Party. We had so much fun planning this event, and can’t wait to do another one. We wanted to highlight some vendors that made this event possible. We want to thank each one of these vendors and look forward to working with you in the future. It could not have been any better and we look forward to sharing the pictures with you in the next couple weeks.

Bumblebee Chocolates provided a variety of fudge. It was definitely the talk of the night!

Dulce Desserts provided some adorable poker chip cookies!

F.A.D.D.S. Entertainment provided roulette, poker, and blackjack tables. What great fun that was!

Great Finch Floral and Design provided the beautiful centerpieces!

Gregory Byerline Photography provided the artistic pictures, that I can’t wait to share with you!

Lisa Marie Invitation and Design provided the handouts!

Nashville Audio Visual provided the romantic lighting and draping!

Southern Events Party Rental provided the linens!

Sambuca provided their loft as the space!

And lastly, the people who allowed us to have this event Perfect Wedding Guide!

We look forward to coordinating more events like this! It was a fabulous night!

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This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events.

The Wedding After Party: How to keep the celebration going

Burlap and Brooches Events had another wonderful weekend coordinating Julie and Spencer’s wedding. It was a beautiful day with a beautiful bride! One touch that we were super excited about was the ‘after party.’ It was such a special touch for their guest, and I think it is safe to say that everyone enjoyed it.

If you are contemplating an after party, you might have a couple questions on proper etiquette. The nice thing about a wedding after party is there are no rules, no restrictions, and no tried-and-true traditions. But here are just a couple points that may help you out….

What’s the point??

First off, your wedding day is one day, why not make it last as long as possible? You will be surprised how fast your reception goes by. And I promise you, you will want more. Another reason is the dynamic of your guest. Do you have a lot of older folks or guest from out of town? I am sure Aunt Jan and Grandma Gwen won’t be offended if they miss out on the ‘Cha Cha Slide!’ For the guest that traveled 9 hours, they won’t be complaining about keeping the party rolling.

What’s my location??

You have a couple different options. You could have a VIP spot at your favorite night club, meet up a local bar or restaurant, or rent a slightly smaller venue than the one you used for your receptions. I would chose a place that reflects your style as a couple. For example, Julie and Spencer really enjoyed music. They chose a smaller venue with minimal decorating with glow sticks. It was techno, a perfect fit with their personalities.

Whose invited?? 

Again, I don’t think any of the older crowd will be offended if they miss out on dancing. Just have a dinner, cake cutting, or both for them and keep the partying for those who will enjoy and appreciate it. Inviting guest to an after party can be super informal. In fact, it’s pretty common to forgo invitations altogether and promote the party via word of mouth at the reception, or even as a simple Facebook event just days prior.

No room left in the budget?? 

Don’t feel obligated to pay! If you had a formal reception you don’t have to pay for everything at the after party. If this bothers you, have one round of specialty drinks on the house – use your personalities again for inspiration – and then do a cash bar. If you want to pay for it all, great! If your budget doesn’t allow, don’t sweat it!

One last touch from me! 

Why not end the evening with treats of some sort: Nacho bar, mini burger bar with string fries, or a sundae bar. After drinking those beers and burning those calories on the dance floor your guest, I’m sure, would appreciate the midnight snack!

Do you plan on having a wedding after party? Share your creative ideas with us!

This blog post was written by Mandie Martin with Burlap and Brooches Events 

The Need is Great, but He is Greater

Precious Yvonne peeking through

My heart is heavy.

I’m overwhelmed.

The task is so large.

The need is so great.

Look at those beautiful smiles!

Isn’t that the point? That story isn’t new! The need is always  great and so my only hope can be in a God of greater miracles.

In my heart, my family, my home I have recognized a DEEP need for Jesus. I can occasionally distract myself with a fun shopping trip, family vacation, coffee date with a friend, red wine, chocolate and my husband.. These luxuries do not exist for the precious orphan children of Zimbabwe that have captured my heart. I did not have my luxuries in Zim. No showers, no cars for these kids. There is limited food, electricity, and running water.

Did I hear 1 complaint? Not one! Only gratitude and hope with a very deep woundedness that lies inside their souls.

I cannot distract myself from the huge, deep, dark need that I left back in Zimbabwe.

The stories haunt me.

The conversations I had keep me up at night.

No amount of coffee with a friend makes the memories go away, and I don’t want them to!

I have been called to action- to advocate on their behalf!

There are a lot of good causes today, but this is my cause, given by God.

So I have to believe and not get discouraged.

The task is not too large.

The need is great, but He is greater!

To sponsor one of these children go to

Follow Melissa at to hear more about our trip

Who ever said a white cake was enough??

I have always been a sucker for a good dessert, I mean lets be honest, who isn’t? Wedding trends are causing bride and grooms to deviate from the traditional ceremonies and reception styles, making guest more excited as ever to attend weddings to see what will be unique about it. Ceremony seating, bride and bridesmaids attire, sign-in books, cocktail hours, specialty drinks, cigar bars, menu choices, entertainment choices, and most of all THE CAKE! You used to fill up on all the other deliciousness at a wedding and would steal a piece of the cake on a small paper plate to take home to devour at a later time. Now we have dessert bars that are a popular trend that have taken center stage and can’t be taken too far. Let’s just drool a little and take a look at some of these adorable trends:

Mini Pies: 

Cupcakes took over a couple years ago, this fall you may see a lot of mini pies. From cherry, apple, and pumpkin you can’t go wrong with these adorable little pies. And why not make them a la mode??

Dessert Shooters: 

A dessert shooter is just your favorite dessert- but LESS of it. That means you can eat it without guilt, and why not try a variety of flavors.


What could be more perfect for a fall wedding or event, than s’mores. Not only would it be a unique set up, but it will make your guest think of your wedding every time they enjoy a scrumptious s’more.


Healthy habits are extremely important to some people. Why not offer some healthy options at your special event and show your style along the way.

In the end, whether it be with cookies, pies, shooters, fruit, or an elegant three tier cake, you can make choices to fit your style. Weddings are such a sweet and special time for the bride and groom, and what better way to share the sweetness with your guest than with a trendy dessert bar.

One Last Touch: 

I couldn’t leave you without suggesting one last sweet touch. Why not serve milk and cookies as a farewell toast? And don’t forget to add the Bailey’s for the party crowd!

Written by Mandie Martin for Burlap and Brooches Events

Hello, Burlap and Brooches Events

First off, let me say how excited I am to work with such a great, creative event planning company. Michelle is beyond talented, and I can’t wait to learn from all her success and dedication to details. There are many events in Burlap and Brooches Events future, and I can’t wait to share them with you all. 

I thought it would appropriate if I shared some photos from my wedding day, four years ago this November. It was a perfect fall day, and I couldn’t have asked for a more special day.


November 8, 2008 at Scarritt Bennett Center Nashville, TN


The ring bearer threw his pillow on the floor and started picking up the leaves the flower girl was throwing. You can’t plan for that! It made for an unforgettable moment. 


Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin



3rd Avenue South, Nashville, TN 

Hope you enjoyed! I look forward to sharing many wedding and event ideas, trends, and features with everyone. If you are visiting our blog for the first time maybe there is an event we can take off your hands; we look forward to chatting with you about the details. 

Contact us at

Find us on Facebook, Twitter



The Key to Enjoying Your Wedding

I have always been a DIY’er, organizer, planner at heart. So when I first got engaged, my OCD went into full mode and I thought I could plan and organize my wedding all on my own. Fifteen pounds lost, three unplanned wedding dress alterations, numerous fights with my mother and husband-to-be, and two months before my wedding, I decided I needed a planner.

Most brides think that planning your wedding is a piece of cake. But it’s more like a 3 tier cake, and how many brides have made a 3 tier cake?! This is a once in a lifetime event. You don’t want to be stressed anymore than you have to be, and trust me, you will be stressed. No matter how small or big your wedding is, you will be stressed. All the vendors you have to deal with, contracts to read, all the emails, phone calls, and decisions that you have to make…..not to mention having to take into effect your fiance’s opinion (because it does matter), your mother’s, and all your friends….you are bound to get stressed. All of this can easily be eliminated by hiring a wedding planner.



“Well I don’t want to pay someone to do something I can do, or my mother can do.” Have you ever planned an event for 50+ people? Has your mother? Putting this kind of responsibility on you or one of your family members is a lot of pressure and can cause tension. In the end, planners can actually save you money. They can assist in waiving vendor’s fees or negotiate discounts that you would not be able to obtain. Vendor contracts can be long and confusing to read. Planners have the experience and knowledge to help you understand your contracts, which will save you a lot of money and stress in the end.

“Well I don’t trust a planner to make my wedding vision come to life.” Give planners more credit than you think. They have planned more weddings than you ever will and the reason why they went into this industry is because they love weddings! Not all planners are for every bride. That is why you should do your research to find a planner that is a good fit for you. Pinterest was an addictive vice that I was lucky to come across during my early stages of planning. Well 6 months into our engagement, my wedding board was a complete disaster with ideas ranging from sleek/modern to rustic/chic. I could not make up my mind! That is where a planner would come in handy. They can take your ideas and help you make them into one unified theme. If it wasn’t for my planner, my wedding would have looked like five different weddings combined! 


My wedding would not have ran as smoothly as it did without my amazing planner, Michelle Soll, with Burlap and Brooches Events. With 130 guests, I had absolutely no time to worry about setting up decorations, coordinating the wedding party walk, telling the DJ when it was time to do the First Dance, and answer everyone’s questions about who needed to be where at what time. With Michelle there, we were able to mingle with the guests and enjoy our special day!

So next time you try to plan a wedding or event, think about what you’re getting yourself into. Consult the experts- the wedding planners. Hiring a planner was one of the best decisions I made during my wedding planning process! After all, this is one of the most important moments of your life- enjoy it.

Photos: Ulmer Studios

Venue: Legacy Farms

Wedding Planner: Burlap and Brooches Events

Florist: Enchanted Florist

Caterer: A Catered Affair

DJ: JD’s Music

Recap: Coffee-Ducey Wedding

We love working with our couples and Matt and Catherine were no exception! Their wedding was held on a perfect summer day at the Cathedral of the Incarnation Catholic Church here in Nashville, Tennessee. After a beautiful Catholic ceremony, guests celebrated with the newlyweds in the Rev. William J. Fleming Center. Vendors included some of our favorites- Flowers by Ode Floral Artistry, lighting by Nashville Audio Visual, linens and rentals by Party Providers and a delicious buffet meal by Bacon & Caviar Gourmet & BBQ. Check out these great shots captured by the amazing Ian Riley!



Thanks Ian for sharing these amazing photos! For more information on their photographer, visit

Catherine and Matt, your wedding was beautiful! Thank you for letting us be a part of it!

Blog post written by Monica Maderal for Burlap and Brooches Events

Celebrating 14 years!!

Fourteen years ago, on June 27th, I married my rock star husband, Steve Soll!

 I still remember the nerves, the excitement, and the tears.


Our wedding day was the hottest day of the year and the reception was outside in a private garden. We were all about to jump in the pool!

Steve has been an amazing husband, caretaker, father, and friend!

Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you!!

Blog post written by Michelle Soll for Burlap and Brooches Events.

How to Stay Cool for Hot Summer Weddings

Blue sunny skies, green grass, warm temperatures….the image has brides swooning over the idea for a picturesque summer wedding. It’s the most popular season for weddings. Unfortunately mother-nature can have her own agenda and you can find your wedding falling in the midst of an uncomfortable summer scorcher! How do you prevent you and your guests from the risks of heat exhaustion and sweat?

  Here are some tips on how to keep you and your guests COOL on a hot wedding day:

  • Adjust the time of the ceremony- schedule the ceremony so that it’s late in the evening. With the sun down, temperatures are sure to drop.
  • Keep it short- keep your ceremony short! Guests will appreciate shorter ceremonies. The shorter the ceremony, the less time they have to sit still in the hot weather.
  • Venue location- have your wedding at a venue near water. Lakeside or beach weddings will allow for a slight breeze and make for great pictures too!
  • Shade- if you are set on having your wedding outside during the day, make sure there are plenty of trees for shade. If there is no natural shade, rent a large tent. Not only will they shade you from the hot rays of the sun, but they can provide an elegant scenery as well!
  • Fans and parasols- provide your guests with fans. A popular trend is to make your ceremony program or menu into fans. They can also serve as fun favors! Parasols are not very expensive and would also make a fun wedding favor.

  • Dress COOL- wear light, breathable fabrics. Make sure your guests are aware that your wedding is outdoors so they know to dress appropriately. Shorts, flip flops, and sun dresses will keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Hydration is key- Stay hydrated! Make sure you and your wedding party drink lots of water. Keep water, iced tea, or lemonade available for your guests.

  • COOL treats- provide your guests with cool treats, like ice cream or popsicles. Mobile food trucks such as Maggie Moos Mobile Ice Cream Trucks and The Sugar Wagon are growing trends to have at weddings. What guest wouldn’t like a sweet treat to cool them down?

Follow these tips and you and your guests are sure to stay COOL on your wedding day!

 Blog written by Monica Maderal for Burlap and Brooches

Photos provided by:,

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Bridgette and John!

It was a little over a year ago when Burlap and Brooches Events had the pleasure of designing and coordinating the wedding of John and Bridgette at Two Rivers Mansion.

John and Bridgette had creative ideas for their vintage travel themed wedding. It was fun to put my ideas with theirs to make the wedding day details special.

With friends and family coming from all over the world to be a part of their day, they wanted to treat them to some fabulous southern hospitality. Guests enjoyed Mint Juleps, a southern favorite, on the porch with passed crab cakes and fried okra with a horseradish drizzle.

I enjoyed designing the simple flower arrangements for Bridgette as she emphasized she wanted SIMPLE. I used  Magnolia pulled from her grandmother’s beautiful tree. John was just as involved in the flower arrangement selection. They both wanted mason jars, for candles, aisle arrangements on shepherds hooks, and décor in the house.

The wedding photographer was Leslie Walker, a delight to work with. She covered this wedding on her blog last year:

Happy Anniversary John and Bridgette! We hope your first year as a married couple has been fantastic! Thank you for letting Burlap and Brooches Events be a part of your special day!

Vendors who made this event wonderful:

Planner, Designer and Florals : Burlap and Brooches Events

Venue: Two Rivers Mansion

Rentals: Party Providers

Caterer: Menu Maker Catering

Photographer: Leslie Walker

Musicians and Officiant- personal friends

Sweet words from the bride’s mother:

“Our daughter and her fiance wanted their wedding to be a very personal testimony of their lives and love. Michelle brought together their ideas for their wedding day, the flowers, the colors and all the final details to express their personality as a couple. Michelle did the wedding floral arrangement with our daughter’s request for simplicity without any sacrificing to quality or attention to detail. They were absolutely beautiful! Many of our guest complimented Michelle’s wedding coordinating effort and her easy going personality. Michelle made it possible for us to relax and enjoy this unforgettable event!

Thank you, Michelle!”

Blog post written by Michelle Soll for Burlap and Brooches Events

Crowe + Thiele Rehearsal Dinner

The southern, rustic details of this rehearsal dinner made you feel right at home, amongst friendly faces and good hearty food that can only be made in Tennessee. Friends and family traveled from all over the world to be with Carrie and Johnathan as they prepared for their special day.

Travelers Rest Plantation provided the perfect “Nashville feel” that Carrie and Johnathan wanted their international guests to experience. The evening was filled with warm personal touches as guests shared special stories about their relationship with the bride and groom.



The Bride designed these placemats that showcased facts about their Nashville home as well as provided the guests with some trivia entertainment about the couple.

Bacon and Caviar Gourmet Catering provided traditional southern dishes that had the guests coming back for seconds!

The bride and groom’s favorite snacks were displayed for the guests to try, another personal touch and my personal favorite 🙂


Spangler Entertainment had everyone on their feet dancing the night away! This crowd sure knew how to have FUN!

Thank you Carrie and Jonathan for letting Burlap and Brooches Events be a part of this wonderful night!

Pictures provided by Surreal Image Studios. Special thanks to these vendors: Travelers Rest Plantation, Southern Events, Spangler Entertainment, Bacon and Caviar Gourment Catering, and Valet PMC.

Blog written by Monica Maderal for Burlap and Brooches Events

Vendor Spotlight: Ode Floral Artistry

Finding a vendor that you “vibe” with is an important part of wedding planning. It’s like an interviewing process. Your caterer, florist, photographer, makeup artist, etc. should be someone you can trust to bring your vision to life on your BIG day! Burlap and Brooches Events has had the pleasure of working with some amazing wedding professionals! Let us introduce you to a couple of them so you can see the creative minds who help bring our events to life….

Rickey Minder is the mastermind behind Ode Floral Artistry. We first worked with her at the Leap in the City event at Sambuca Nashville and instantly fell in love with her creativity and personality!


Her free spirited nature makes for a stress free working relationship and you can’t help but gawk at her floral masterpieces! We can go on about why we love working with Ode, but we will just let Rickey convince you herself 🙂

How many years have you worked in the Wedding/Event Industry? I helped my mom with her first wedding when I was 10, soon after she bought the local flower shop.  I really got into it though while putting myself through college, coordinating weddings and events for a shop in Oregon. Four states and many shops later I’d say I’m a stem cutter of about 6 years if we don’t count my adolescent floundering.

What is your favorite kind of event? Favorite Style? What girl doesn’t love a wedding!  As for style, I love when a bride comes to me and wants something natural and wild.  Maybe it’s the Idaho girl in me, but an outdoor venue gets me every time.  The couples that think outside of the box and let me run with ideas are my kind of folks. I have a couple coming up in September and we are using all local organic flowers, herbs, and veggies, their palette was literally based off what we could get that time of year locally, I’m talking Nashville soil local, it’s been an adventure, including farm visits and all!

What is special about your company? Ode was born out of years of working for other florists and figuring out what I valued most about the flower business.  For me it’s designing and who it’s for, I don’t like production work, each piece I make is really a piece of art and I have a hard time designing for something I don’t believe in.  I’ve made decisions on how to run my company based off the fact that I’m dedicated to working with a couple no matter their budget, the only important thing is that I believe in it, budgets and contracts come in last place.

Something you would like people to know about you or your company? I feel like a bit of an anomaly in the wedding world, although I do flowers for events, I’m not really excited about a lot of the ways the wedding world is evolving. I think bridal shows are frightening, (I’m about to get eaten up for this) and even though they are full of great ideas, I almost think wedding blogs are frightening.  I think a couple should feel nothing but comfortable about every decision they make and that goes for me too.  If I know I can’t fulfill a couples vision with complete and utter excitement, you can count me out. My consultations are just as much a time for me to decide whether I want to work with a couple as it is for them to decide the same thing about me. I think it’s become such an industry that it’s a lot to digest as a groom and bride to-be, everything we do should just be frosting on the cake, and maybe only the very top of it, because the day is about the marriage, not the wedding.  I love my flowers and I want you to love them too but I don’t expect for your event to be about them, they should only be an echo of the heart of the event. I had a really wise industry professional tell me once that there are two types of brides, the ones that have dreamt about their wedding before they ever found the guy and then the ones that found the guy and realized they wanted to get married, she said she only works with the brides of the latter…I’ve made it my golden rule too.

What is your favorite song? I have to go with one of my hubbies- Better on the Other Side, Reed Thomas Lawrence.

What is your favorite food? AlooSaag with garlic naan!

That’s the 411 on Ode Floral Artistry! Like what you see? Contact Rickey at or by phone 615-290-5759. Also visit their website:

Pictures provided by Angela Disrud Photography and Gegory Byerline Photography

Blog written by Monica Maderal for Burlap and Brooches Events

A Night of Nostalgia

Planning a fundraiser compared to a wedding is like baking a cake compared to a pie. A baker does both, but they are very different concepts and tastes.

The Night of Nostalgia Fundraiser was a grand success and huge hit with the addition of casino night this year. Guests arrived in their flapper and zoot suit best to play craps and dance big band style.



The inspiration for the décor was inspired by a wedding bouquet designed by Denise Bann of Green Finch Floral Design. Denise, as well as Vicki from Branching Out and Bonnie from Belles Fleurs provided the gorgeous flowers. A special Thank you to Nashville Event Lighting, Southern Events, Visual Elements, Liberty Rentals, Spangler Entertainment, Dessert Designs, Gigi’s Cupcakes, Ivey Cakes, Nothing Bundt Cake, Maxwell House Hotel, Jo Dee Messina, Mikasha Clark Photography and Melissa Irwin Photography who provided all of these fabulous photos!!


A Night of Nostalgia is an annual event, I hope to see all of these friends and more back next year. There will be even more surprises. This special evening is a benefit to grow the Holy Trinity Montessori School. For more information or to give a donation, go to

Burlap and Brooches Events presents to you…Leap in the City!

I am so excited to release these pictures! Did I mention how excited I am? I love Sambuca’s space!

Leap in the City was such an exciting collaborative effort with wonderful wedding and event professionals. Dana Patel and her team can provide a wonderful experience for a rehearsal dinner, corporate dinner, wedding reception, bridesmaids shower, bachelorette party… If you need help coming up with an excuse to plan a party, call me. If you need help planning a party or event, call me,  and we all know you need help!( Did you know? ) Event planners are rated up there with airplane controllers with stress levels…Unless you love your job like I do! I know the ins and outs, I know who to call! As seen in the fabulous pictures below!! Relish in the details! That’s what I do – The Details! Enjoy!

All pictures provided by the one and only Gregory Byerline!(



Love this one! Gorgeous Flowers Provided by Ricky Minder of Ode Floral Artistry. Ricky is amazing at taking your pictures, words, likes, pinterest and making a fabulous flower and design idea board!! Oh, and she can dance!!

Did you notice the details in the linens? These beauties were provided by Jennifer Byler of Connie Duglin Linens.

Outside Sambuca in the middle of one of Nashville’s hottest spots-the Gulch, you have free Valet, but if you want to take it up a notch call Melissa McBryde with Grand Avenue Limos. Here we had a black Mercedes Benz for the engaged couple at the rehearsal dinner photo shoot.

Dulce Desserts provided delicious cupcakes for Leap in the City. Juanita’s shop is right around the corner and provides most of the desserts for Sambuca’s special events.

Our beautiful models… and hair by Susannah Smith White……AMAZING!!!!!

Recently expanded and closed in skyloft at Sambuca….

Don’t those shooters look yummy!

Daiva Grubb with Designs in August provided the menu cards, flyers, programs, leap-tini straws, and creative mind behind the Leap in the City Logo.

 iii n

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the vendors who collaborated for this and to all the event professionals who came out and supported Leap in the City!

Leap in the City!

A Collaboration of Nashville’s ‘Who’s Who’ of Wedding Professionals Will Find ANY excuse for a party.


Burlap & Brooches Events + Fête Nashville invite local wedding industry professionals to “Leap In The City”, a party at Nashville’s hottest new downtown venue: Sambuca’s new Skyloft Lounge! With spectacular views of our glittery skyline, this venue is a perfect rehearsal dinner space for the couple that wants to show off our city’s southern hospitality with an upscale vibe.

“Leap In The City” takes place on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 and industry professionals are invited to stop by between 7:00 – 9:00 pm for FREE food, drinks, valet parking and the obligatory LEAP-tini! Good ol’ live music will be the backdrop for this cocktail party and many blackmail photos will surely be taken at Picture This Nashville’s super cool interactive photo booth.

Michelle Sol, owner of Burlap & Brooches Events and Sara Fried, owner of Fête Nashville are the designers/visionaries for this soirée, and other sponsors include Rickey Minder, owner of Ode, Floral Artistry; Jennifer French Byler of Connie Duglin Linen fame; Gregory Byerline Photography, Daiva Liktorius Grubb, Principal Designer of Design in August; the amazing team at Nashville Audio Visual; and Elaine Pardo Ingram, owner of Picture This Nashville. Your LEAP-tini will be complemented with mouth-watering desserts provided by Nashville’s ‘sweet’heart, Juanita Lane, owner of Dulce Desserts. And, honestly, who has EVER been to a wedding industry event without the lovelies, Melissa McBryde, of Grand Avenue Transportation and Jennifer Trsinar, from Nashville Perfect Wedding Guide?!

Here’s a sneak peek to the southern fare that Sambuca’s chef’s have been busily preparing: Lobster Salad on Paprika Potato Chips, Pulled Pork Sliders with Wasabi Cole Slaw, Bacon-Wrapped Quail, Chili Pie Shooters, Bacon-Wrapped Grilled + Stuffed Jalapeños, Dr. Pepper Ribs with Watermelon Relish, Gourmet Prosciutto Mac + Cheese and even more!

Contact: Dana Patel

Phone: (615) 577-2173

Fax: (615) 248-2298


Located in the up-and-coming “Gulch” neighborhood, Sambuca is one of many upscale restaurants, nestled among a host of residences, offices, retailers, and entertainment venues. The Gulch is the first neighborhood in the South to receive “LEED for Neighborhood Development” certification from the United States Green Building Council. Sambuca is located at 601 12th avenue south